instance blocks 

browsed the hashtag and grabbed a bunch of instances we hadn't caught up to yet; future blocks will be added to this thread. gab-affiliated harassment pedophilia harassment harassment harassment harassment scraping harassment racism racism racism racism

instance blocks 

added for insufficient moderation. thanks for entering the mentions.

We're gonna be crystal clear here:

If your Code of Conduct doesn't specifically forbid harassment against protected classes, we are going to block your instance.

if your instance *does not have* a Code of Conduct, we are going to block your instance.

It appears a recent pleroma update has broken the links to terms and codes of conduct. Until admins resolve that we're going to assume the worst about your rules (or lack thereof).

Suspensions can be undone if there's reason to.

a previously-unknown nazi instance boosted this post, so I'm adding more blocks as the replies to this account increase.

going ahead and blocking any instance with a "windmill" (swastika) emoji.


so-called "loli" content will be treated as indistinguishable from child pornography for the purposes of moderation.

@moderation can you explain to me how the blocking works.

if i federate the block list.
will by instance block other instances?

or is it a list of people who have blocked other people.
i would not block entire instances but i'd be fine if it was individual accounts on instances blocking other individual accounts on other instances.

i might disagree with an opinion but that doesn't mean i want to completely block them out.
@moderation i tried looking up the option in the documentation "Outgoing blocks"
but they don't give a robust description of what the option actually does.

"Whether to federate blocks to other instances"
i'd say (true) to this option if its sharing blocks from other instances to basically respect individuals blocking other individuals
but (false) if its instances blocking other instances
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