🎉 bigshoulders.city is now running ! 🎉

This "fork", based on mastodon and developed by @darius, includes some community-oriented features mastodon does not have.

This thread will be pinned and outline the two biggest ones. 👇


bigshoulders.city supports local-only posts. These are great for content only relevant to chicagoans. :flag:

A post marked as local-only will appear only to bigshoulders.city users.

A followers-only post marked as local-only will appear only to bigshoulders.city users who also follow you.

If you uncheck "Allow my posts to reach other instances by default" in Preferences - Other, your posts from any source—including apps—will be local by default. You can also use the local_only emoji.

bigshoulders.city supports exclusive lists. If you set a list you’ve made to “exclusive,” posts from members of that list will appear only in that list’s timeline and not in your home feed.

This feature is great for following accounts that only post about one subject, for crossposting accounts, or for pixelfed feeds.

Use the web interface to set a list as Exclusive. You can only add accounts you follow to lists.

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bigshoulders.city is a Mastodon instance for Chicagoans current, former, and future. Its name comes from Carl Sandburg, who once compared ships pulling out to “mastodons, arising from lethargic sleep.” Our goal for bigshoulders.city is to build a community of friends and neighbors across the Windy City. Toot your pho place recommendations, meet-up ideas, pothole gripes, creative dibs, and cross-town baseball taunts—whatever you want, as long it abides by our short and sweet content policy.