Follow is immediately suspended.

any component part of the department of homeland security of the united states has nearly boundless potential of being a vector of terror and abuse.

If you still want to interact with, you’re welcome to create an account on an instance that does federate with them. DHS terrorizes Chicagoans. Families live in fear of DHS, and rightfully so. There are no “good parts” of DHS.

@moderation While they are a part of DHS, CISA does a tremendous amount of good work around election security, critical infrastructure and they genuinely try to engage with the community.

@moderation Do I wish they were an independent agency? Sure. But I can’t blame them for wanting to engage in the place where other cybersecurity experts are

@civicwhitaker they are welcome to do that but they will not see posts.

@moderation While I don't agree with this decision, I do appreciate your transparency in moderation. Thank you for announcing it.

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