I miss when "singular" meant "exceptional," and wasn't just the emphatic/fancificated form of "single."

I get one stupid noob question post, and here it is: What does it mean to make a list "exclusive" here? I have a slider for this but I'm clueless.

My anxiety about my elderly mom coming to visit for Thanksgiving compelled me take a couple hours to file the household paperwork on my desk. That was nonnegotiable because it's been gathering dust for several weeks, so it's symbolic of my failure as a person, and I don't want my mom to see evidence I'm even less of a a successful person. At least I did SOMETHING. (I also finished a totally necessary long calc to choose between my two medical insurance options for next year.)

Hi, I'm Neal. I do by day, and then sometimes I ride my bike. I see systemic causes and personal actions and both of them make me sad these days. I have an Atari computer and a couple of VCRs but I can't seem to travel back in time yet. I will pet your dog unless you ask me not to.


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