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In the 13-way Chicago mayoral race, the progressive left has failed to unify behind a single realistic candidate. Let this not be a bellwether of the 2020 Democratic primary.

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I know says to prefer Toni or Lori if you’re going to not vote for Amara because strategy, but I’d rather vote for Lori

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Based on last night’s candidate forum, I’ll be voting for none of them

It’ll be -20 °F tomorrow. My brain is having trouble appreciating just how cold that is.

The difference between 20° and -20° is the same as between 40° and 80°.

My deeply mediocre cover band has a gig tonight! We’re on at 9pm at Timber Lanes near the Irving Park brown line stop. $10 (cash only) gets you shoes and unlimited bowling — and live music!

Skated on The Ribbon and it was delightful! Was more interesting than the 30 minutes of counterclockwise circles I do most weeks

Ice skating at Wrigley rained out tonight :( There go my NYE plans. Any good movies out there?

How crazy is ORD on this December 24th morning? Find out soon!

1. That is a picture of New York. 😒
2. The word “privacy” appears in this article exactly 0 times.

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