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It looks like it’s gonna trundle on down to the watering hole

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Just casually dropped $95 on the BuildASoil black friday sale. The things I do for these plants…

Having an espresso machine at home is like having the fountain of youth on the kitchen counter.

FSA eligibility feels a bit arbitrary and silly. Oh this expensive deep tissue massager, yeah use those pre-tax dollars! Melatonin that you use every night to sleep? Not without a doctors note!

I occasionally do cool things. Chicago Humanities Festival hosted the very talented Mary Lattimore at the Garfield Conservatory in front of a sold out crowd in . I’m ashamed it took me as long as it has to visit, but I couldn’t have asked for a better first impression. The harp Mary played was made in Chicago by Lyon & Healy.

This is Izzy, aka Isabella, aka Isabelly. She loves belly rubs and treats.

But she really hates that we still practice the antiquated tradition of time shifting, she’s requesting we pick either dls or standard, thx.

a toot about an event 

Numero Group Records (Chicago's favorite reissue label) is having their Warehouse Sale this weekend. Stock up for the holidays 🎁

November 11-12, 2022
Noon to 6pm
2533 S. Troy St, Chicago, IL 60623.


Coffee is the only thing getting me through today :darkmatter:

Jumping on the train. This is Frank, his gotcha day was on Thursday. Weve had him for 4 of his 18 trips around the sun. .

Recently found WLPN Lumpen Radio (105.5 on the fm dial) and become a member soon after. The Friday night Star Creature Vibes Radio set is worth the admission alone. lumpenradio.com/?shows=star-cr

First time at the Green Mill. Makaya Mckraven’s record release party

Hyde Park Jazz fest this weekend! Jeff Parkers set is not to be missed.


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