excited for the meetup tonight!! who all is going

the best part in the song being drowned out by the L overhead

i am so glad to be back in chicago!! i love my city

i hear we've been having some weather in chicago. can anyone confirm or deny

one of my fav things is being able to clock exactly where and what side of the street a place is on based on the address without looking at a map

i was born here, in hyde park! as an adult i came to uchicago for college and have basically been here since (save for a year in detroit).

i "like" to move every year and i've lived in: hyde park, pilsen for a stint, logan square, wicker park, north center, and now lakeview.

i am an iOS developer and in my free time i hang out with my shiba, kenny, and am learning to play guitar.

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the thing you have to understand about people from Chicago-- we have all done Ferris Bueller's Day Off. We have all frequented high end restaurants masquerading as the Sausage King of Chicago. It's a rite of passage-- our Raumspringa

anybody want to do a bigshoulders.city meetup? lol

you best believe i'm following back everybody on this instance

i put my neighborhood in my bio and so can you

welcome to chicago, mayor richard m. daley


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