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@KimCrayton1 @BlackAzizAnansi

To be fair, libertarianism has always been fascism in unconvincing disguise.

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Hi! I'm Alex Segura (he/him). I'm a writer of novels, comics, and more. My latest crime novel, SECRET IDENTITY, came out in March. My next book, Araña/Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow, hits in May. I've written lots of creator-owned comics and stuff for Marvel, DC, image, ComiXology, Archie, Dark Horse, and more. Please RT to let people know I'm here!

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And, insofar as this "world of builders" keeps spitting out engineering solutions to cultural problems, the same cultural problems will continue to arise within the fediverse.

Why do you THINK the fediverse has never heard the end of CW and QT discourse? Why do you think that other replies in my threads have said "I've heard this whinging before?" It's because y'all keep trying to engineer a solution to a cultural problem.

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@evan @markallerton @ks

The analogy that several Black users have said, is "Mastodon is the digital equivalent of fleeing 'regular' racism in the deep South, just to experience 'racism doesn't happen here!' racism in Boston." 🙂🙃

Mastodon has more cultural norms around not talking about racist abuse, than around preventing it from happening. I don't know how to convince y'all that this is bad.

So yeah, this creates an opening for centralizers.

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Scott boosted blocking, genocide mention says it has zero tolerance for hatred, but also "does not currently block any Fediverse servers".

I messaged Qoto admin to ask whether they would block servers that incited genocide. Admin replied Qoto would not block such servers.

I asked about the danger of radicalisation, and they said "(people) aren't going to read some random thing on the internet and turn bad. It just doesn't happen."

Have blocked, and encourage others to #FediBlock

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My brilliant money-saving hack is not having kids

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your friends who have gone before are clearing out the seven-storied heavens

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I want to be happy here.

But my Black friends keep getting banned for doing justice work.

Or just... Existing.

At a much quieter volume than I do.

If people didn’t know me or who I’m connected to, would I be gone by now too? 😔

How do you exist in a world where your cultural norm is frowned upon?

Why do I always have to compromise with the oppression dynamic

or get removed? 😭

It’s painful.

And there’s no reason to it.

And all the “solutions” include bowing to that same dynamic.

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I've seen a lot of white folks suggest new Black users change instances if they have a bad experience on their first Mastodon server.

Why should that be the default expectation? I understand that bad actors will always be there to create accounts and instances to harass folks.

It is incumbent on us, as anti-racist white folks, to find ways to prevent these bad actors from making our spaces unwelcoming to new Black users. It's a failure of imagination otherwise.


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I've put together a small, incomplete, list of instances with moderators of color. Build upon this list and share!.,,,,,,,,,,

Feel free to share/build upon this list! Finally,

Here's how to move accounts and take your followers with you

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #BlackFedi #FediTips #TwitterMigration

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@economics @BrianJAP @rheinze @histodons @sociology @internationalrelations @africanstudies @anthropology @politicalscience

Any efforts we/I can support to encourage non-white, especially black American and African scholars, to make the effort to join Mastodon? It's pretty European and white around here right now. I am not feeling great about how we are reproducing/exacerbating extant power structures...

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Meta musings, weird - ignore 

This place has a bit of an afterlife quality to it. A lot of formless entities interacting with one another in a nebulous void, simultaneously debating the meaningful and meaningless.

Add CW to Boosts? 

I know Quote Toots aren't a thing here, like Quote Tweets, but is there a way to add a CW before you Boost something?

Lots of recent migrations are sharing their usual, great content but topics like the war in Ukraine and gun violence are being put into feeds willy-nilly.

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