In my Pick 'Ems league I pick the every time they play, and this year is the first where that doesn't completely screw me.

I might be living in the suburbs by the end of the month 😮 I've never not lived in the city limits, it's gonna be weird!

On bird site I would always retweet the errors in both the Sun-Times and Tribune. I'd say "hire me as your editor" and they never replied lol. This one is bad.

The weather is really screwing me. I have to finish my deck before the photographer comes on Friday. 🤬

As I'm prepping my house for market, I can't help but obsessively check the listing for the one I want to buy. I just worry so much that it'll go under contract before mine gets on the market.

I feel no allegiance to them, but I got a clearance hoodie from my alma mater. :depaul: DouchePaul as I always called it 😂

Glad I'm still listening, there's a pursuit now. Car got on the expressway.

backyard party now has karaoke with special lights

They're talking about going in to process "all these arrests." I must've joined the stream right after they stopped talking about the drama 🙄

Lol a guy at Wendy's walked into the drive thru and is now refusing to leave because they can't serve you unless you're in a car.

Now they're starting up again. Maybe the first set was on the way to the hospital, I am pretty close to one. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I downloaded the police scanner but nothing is on here. They went on for a good 5 minutes.

There are some crazy sirens right now. It sounds like they're coming from the Kennedy.

Anybody know a good gutter place? Mine need to be cleaned out and I need the covers and a second downspout installed.

I hope that officer from Cicero is doing okay.

They're replacing the sewer lines in my neighborhood, and the cross-street at the end of my block is closed and has a giant hole. The fire dept just sent 3 guys over there. My nosiness is spiking.

@alex think we can get this one added for Oriole Park? 😀

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