I'm laying in bed waiting for 8am to sign in for work, and I can hear my next door neighbor scraping the ice off their cars. Gotta love working from home.

They do have a ceramics/pottery class that I'm thinking about doing though.

Park Ridge sent out a catalogue of all the park district classes and activities, and everything cool is for kids and people 55+. I feel so left out.

My sump pump has been running all day and this wavy ice is the result.

The Chicago Joe's building is for sale, I'm sure they'll tear it down for condos. Losing local staples is sad.

I finallyyyyy updated my profile here. I moved out of the city November 30th after 29.5 years 😮 Still next to a :ctablue: station though.

I used a picture of the for my header since that's like the main landmark.

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In my Pick 'Ems league I pick the every time they play, and this year is the first where that doesn't completely screw me.

I might be living in the suburbs by the end of the month 😮 I've never not lived in the city limits, it's gonna be weird!

On bird site I would always retweet the errors in both the Sun-Times and Tribune. I'd say "hire me as your editor" and they never replied lol. This one is bad.

The weather is really screwing me. I have to finish my deck before the photographer comes on Friday. 🤬

As I'm prepping my house for market, I can't help but obsessively check the listing for the one I want to buy. I just worry so much that it'll go under contract before mine gets on the market.

I feel no allegiance to them, but I got a clearance hoodie from my alma mater. :depaul: DouchePaul as I always called it 😂

Glad I'm still listening, there's a pursuit now. Car got on the expressway.

backyard party now has karaoke with special lights

They're talking about going in to process "all these arrests." I must've joined the stream right after they stopped talking about the drama 🙄

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