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Hello! I'm Regina, I'm 35, I live in Chicago, my pronouns are they/them, and I just used the phrase "document of documentation" in an email, so you should not interact with me.

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when hummingbirds drink from the hummingbird feeder they make a tiny little "thbppt" noise

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The two shows where I would gladly play any role are Twelfth Night and Rocky Horror Picture Show, and that's how I know I'm bisexual

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Everyone has to be extra nice to me because I don't know how to do that tiny font

What's the gravest horror movie error?

Survive a massively anxiety-provoking event in your personal life, still have to go to work the next day. Thumbs down.

Thread of free books I'm giving away 

cake donut, the kind of friendship where I lose my mind

Animals that yell while getting food are the best as long as I'm not the one feeding them

Frowning because Santa Baby came on the radio and I can't remember if I had a conversation about findomming Santa here or irl last year, but both possibilities are bad

Basically the world is full of little guys

and then god created enbies and he was like "oh shit thats tight these people are actually in my image, way moreso than male and female"
- genesis 1:27.5

It's only Lesbianism if it's from the Greek island of Lesbos.
Otherwise, it's just Sparkling Sapphism

I think "Missing" by Everything But the Girl is a mediocre song. @soybomb43 thinks it is a very good song. How wrong is he?

four out of five dentists are planning a surprise party


If I were Paul McCartney, I would simply have a wonderful Christmastime

Patrick did a good job at singing and playing guitar with his friend Erin tonight, I daresay they did a better job than Everything But the Girl did when writing and performing "Missing"

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