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Am I ""depressed""? Or have you just not considered that wearing clothing that I picked up off the bedroom floor is sustainable harvesting?

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This year's Halloween bonus episode of horror cinema podcast Tracks of the Damned is a dramatic reading of

🌌 HP Lovecraft's FROM BEYOND 🌌

Featuring ME as CRAWFORD TILLINGAST, a scientist who fucks around and finds out

I have listened to the parts where I'm not talking, and I can assure you that the sound design is a wonderful cocoon of cosmic nightmares

Check it out!

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Eleanor Rigby
Man door hand hook car door hand hook car hand man man door
Who is it for

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when hummingbirds drink from the hummingbird feeder they make a tiny little "thbppt" noise

Fallen London 

You get to the Tomb Colonies via Scandal 8, not Wounds 8. My bad.

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just randomly heard the Backstreet Boys song Everybody, and it's very cool that when the one guy asks, "am i sexual?", his boys back him up with "yeeeaaa"

Little known fact, if you want to be in a profession where you touch bodies, you start out learning it on cadavers. Med school? Cadavers. Tattoo artist? Cadavers. Massage therapist? Cadavers. Yoga instructor? You better believe you're gonna teach downward dog to a cadaver

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trans advice needed 

Hey hello, so my partner is trans and is making a lot of progress in his transition! I'm so proud of him. He'd like to start using the men's restroom, but his anxiety is making that very difficult because he's afraid of ending up in there alone with a guy who will harass him for being trans.

A lot of people, including other trans men, have told him to just get over it, and that it's not that big of a deal, but that's not helpful advice and it's pretty invalidating of his feelings. Any advice (other than "just don't go into the men's restroom") would really be appreciated!

I'm glad I'm sponsoring the triviathon and not participating, because I've known like 1 answer so far

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Going live *right the hell now* to raise money for Just the Pill!

You can still pledge!

But regardless of whether you do or not, come hang out and watch some dorks doing trivia at:

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Time to continue...

This is your second pronoun at stake. Which letter do you choose to start it off?



One of these days I'm gonna start my own instance and it's gonna be

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Mild panic attack because the devil LOVES Bettie Page bangs*

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12 hours until some absolute dorks stream themselves answering trivia questions—for your viewing pleasure AND to help Just the Pill / Abortion Delivered provide abortion care to the people who most need it, where it’s most needed.

We’ve got somewhere around $1,400 raised for a score of 70% right now. Think we can make that $1,500 by tonight?

Pledge at:

Watch at:

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oh nooo I forgot it was night and I'm already emotionally involved in The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Work - 

😐 someone asking me a question
🙂 then asking me the same question because they didn't remember me answering them the first time
😄 then still not remembering even after I've provided the information multiple times
🤣 and being passive aggressive about it as though I was withholding the information

I stayed up way too late to see the new Peter Strickland film, AMA

Friends, we listened to that Moldy Peaches song way too much

Trying to check the vibes on the El before I step on the car, everyone's quiet and minding their own business. Get on the car, sit down, doors close, El starts moving... *then* the two people 5 feet from me start screaming at each other.

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