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Hi folks! My main is @tessaracked , I'm going to keep it local on this alt.

🗺️ I've lived in Edgewater since 2014, Chicago since 2012, previously in NJ. I grew up in NY.
💼 I work in social services. Proud union member!
🎭 I love theater (mostly acting but I've started writing and directing too over the past year) and film.
🏳️‍🌈 I'm nonbinary (they/them). My partner and I are bi. I'm also socialist and Pagan.

they were making out again in a booth when I was leaving

Two drunk people making out behind me in line at Dimo's, stay classy Chicago

The Yellow Line is so dang cute, two cars trundling off from Howard. Safe travels, friend!

Everyone and their mom is going to be at Moody's tonight

We got a letter from the Post Office specifying how to correctly write our address. Did everyone get one, or are we the only fuck-ups?

God bless Polish co-workers who bring paczki to the office

I'm assuming we're all spending our afternoon on the check out line at Jewel?

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More heckin good doggos on the TL please, also please don't block me for saying "heckin good doggos"

An accordion bus (the 147) skidding in the snow trying to pull away from the bus stop, yiiiiiiiikes

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A candidate for alderman in my ward had a meet & greet at a vape shop.

*taking my act out to the suburbs*

here I go
on the road again
here I go
up on the stage
here I am
playing the star again
there I go
tour DuPage

I just saw a live deer in the city for the first time in 6 years

HELLCAB at the Raven Theater, it's the misanthropic Yuletide love letter to that you need this weekend. Tickets are PAY WHAT YOU CAN and can be obtained via

I need a day of self care where people use my correct pronouns and give *me* directions

I'd bitch about being an unpaid tour guide but they are paying for my meals. And did give me Christmas presents. So.

Apparently boat tours still run in December? That sounds uncomfortable at best.

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