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Bisexual people are confused. I've identified as bi for over half my life now and I still don't know if I'm every other sexual or twice per sexual.

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Half my life ago, I started using Blue as my name in certain communities. I'm a compartmentalizer so I am careful about how I introduce myself, but lately the "non-binary people name themselves by throwing a dictionary in a blender" meme is making me feel 17 years worth of attacked and I'm thinking maybe I should go by Blue more?

I've said before that I'm reluctant to change my name just because of how Regina is gendered, but I decided I was Blue several years before I was out to myself.

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when hummingbirds drink from the hummingbird feeder they make a tiny little "thbppt" noise

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"You have to go on the dark web to find a compilation of all the times a bear ate a seagull" --my partner, re: the bear cam

"Don't you go on Mastodon and tell your friends I said that" --also my partner

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There are no Paul Blarts, only mall actors

Sorry not sorry if you can't handle these flowers, fuck no I didn't read the signs that told me what they are

If your bank is going to send you birthday greetings, they should also give you money. Pretty fucked up, bank

are we still goofing on the beach that makes you old or is that over

I might even take a bunch of photos and toot them! Deal with it!

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I'm gonna go look at flowers tomorrow and nobody's gonna stop me

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Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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i got the horses in the back
horse tack is attached
horse is matte black
got the horse is black to match

ridin on a horse
you can whip your horse
i been on a horse
you ain't been on a horse

riding on a horse
lean all in my horse
cheated on my horse
you can go and ask her (my horse)

my life is a horse
horse riding and horses
cowboy hat from a horse
wrangler on my booty (which is on a horse, fyi)


there's so many fucking bears on the katmai bear cam right now, I am y e l l i n g

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Remember when fuckin Ed Sheeran showed up?? I was HOLDING A MIRROR UP TO SOCIETY

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More heists in scifi and fantasy media please

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Some people need to understand that no matter what the Steak Umms Twitter account posts, their goal is to get you to buy a product

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