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Eleanor Rigby
Man door hand hook car door hand hook car hand man man door
Who is it for

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Bisexual people are confused. I've identified as bi for over half my life now and I still don't know if I'm every other sexual or twice per sexual.

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when hummingbirds drink from the hummingbird feeder they make a tiny little "thbppt" noise

It's good that switched to if for no other reason than the Peacock app is really buggy. We tried to watch an episode of AP Bio 4 times last night, it kept going back to the menu screen after the last commercial break.

I want to play a ttrpg in a modern day setting so my character can have a gnarly customized weapon and name it Cancel Culture

#mastoween and that's the story of how we grew the bestest apple crop ever

She also seems to
have emotions towards Sherlock
that boggle his mind

this reminds me of the Bacchae, where Pentheus is convinced the way to stop Dionysos is to dress up as a maenad and infiltrate the god's rituals in the wilderness, spoiler alert it does not work out well for him

Bringing law and order to the heathens (ie. throwing dead rabbits at people)

"what of the true god," well, you got me there Officer MacDrydick

Like the commune in Midsommar, this is extremely a community I would want to be a part of, whatever the dark secret is it can't be worse than anywhere else I've lived

this cop has come into town to stop them teaching critical race theory


#mastoween. There fixed. Christianity is saved by a broken apple crate.

put on my gravestone that I'm protected by the ejaculation of serpents, this toot is my legally binding will

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