CPD stole bikes from demonstrators at a Black Indigenous solidarity rally yesterday. If you can help these folks replace their stolen property, venmo ChicagoBikeFund.

And the deep cut version:

🎶In the afterlife
You could be headed for the serious strife
Now you make a scene all day
But tomorrow there'll be snail to pay🎶

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call your alderpeople *today* and urge them to vote NO on Lightfoot's plan for CARES Act spending. No relief money for the CPD! An example script is in the image (screenshot from Chicago DSA's Instagram) @OCRbot

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Fuck yeah Leather Archives, the safeword is ACAB

I am raffling off this t-shirt to raise funds for Minneapolis.

Entry is DMing me proof of donating $4 or more to:

MN Freedom Fund
Black Visions Collective
Northstar Health Collective
Reclaim the Block

One entry per donation to each org, up to 4.

T-shirt is Hanes XXL, never worn (was saving for a project for when I learn to sew which hasn't happened yet). Taking entries until 6/2 at midnight CST.

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using a pumice stone on my feet like

I don't have an actual outfit for but I did go on Etsy and pretend that everything fits and is affordable, shops in image descriptions (1/2)


I have been complaining about my job all week so @soybomb43@laserdisc.party made me a fancy lunch! What a precedent to set!


That's a garbage fact and not at all fun, Cheerios, get it together

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