@Pixley I make sure all the pillows and blankets are back on top of the bed in the morning and I resent it a little

Werner Herzog has become kind of a meme these days, I guess for the way he talks, but let's not forget that he's also an incredible film director

The hold music on Chicago's 311 line is some chill lo-fi beats

From The Life and Imagination of Sally Paul, 1760, the autobiography of a nonbinary person from London who worked as a sailor, and would dress in both men and women's clothing. The year their autobiography was published, they had married a woman as a man, under the name Samuel Bundy, been outed and arrested, and then freed because their wife refused to press charges. Only nine months later, they married again, this time to a man named William Kitchen, as a woman.

Make a wish on a stray eyelash and blow it away! But God help you if it's actually an eyebrow hair. God help us all.

The countenance was
beautiful and when a vein
was opened blood flowed

@Manurweibling I am not very hair-savvy, but fwiw, I think it would look neat if you bleached the ends and then used a red dye so most of your hair was dark brown with a reddish tint and the tips were bright red/pink

Help again please?

We're back to skipping meals to keep my little girl fed.

This sucks and its embarrassing and demoralizing and I hate having to do these at all. We get to this point and I feel guilty and ashamed for having spent money to go to my doctor to get my meds refilled

I'm sorry for always being annoying as fuck and panhandling here but thank you for sharing this out to help


No Fap definitely, gotta keep a safe drive Kevin! 🤗🌈✨

Is "heck" a portmanteau of "hell" and "fuck"? And if so, why is it mild swear instead of a double-bad swear?

@amateurhour I didn't know so much truth could be condensed into so few words

I think Jack Blacks greatest contribution to the world (out of his many) is that he helped people realize fat dudes are hot too

upon having used fediverse for A While, advice 

Here's our advice in the context of the fediverse as an imperfect social network:

*) Always boost aid requests.
- Someone will meet their need
- the spot on your feed may make that connection
= even if you or your immediate friends cannot.

*) Use unfollow, mute, and filters for mental health.
- does it spark joy?
- prune your follow feed for your own needs
- remember you can mute people
- you can also unfollow someone's boosts

*) Remember to play nice when among friends.
- conflicting access needs run rampant among those who have experienced trauma
- kindness is distinct from lack of consequences for being a consistently shitty person
- be gentle with callouts
- be honest about your own actions
= be mindful of the spoon-cost and fork-inducement of your asks.

Be yourself.
Be willing to change.
Be willing to apologize.

Be careful,
this network is unencrypted,
and the admin sees everything.

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@mxsiege I love when early Christian writers make the deities I worship sound super badass

@mood @Louisa the 1962 Dean Martin cover of "Brambles" was a moderate success though

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