If you are in #Chicago and like #kotlin come by the GrubHub offices tonight. We (CKUG) are teaming up with Android Listener for a double feature event. meetup.com/Chicago-Kotlin/even

Greater Chicago IWW is running organizer training as part of its may day campaign.

keep resisting, keep blockading and keep preventing the expedited gentrification and destruction of chicago twitter.com/amaraenyia/status/

Ahhhh nothing like the first true spring day in Chicago.

Soo we stand corrected. Horna, that nsbm band, is not at a #Chicago house. It's worse. It's at a recording studio...in the suburbs

Give a heads up to (773) 699-4705 about how they're suburb Nazi supporters using *67 before dialing & safely email RangerStudiosSound@gmail

Chicago in the spring!!!

Cold desolate wind and asphalt and salt residue transforms into beauty

My love for my city!

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Metra needs funding. It may get some, but its board seems out of touch with how to promote transit among millennials, and in the face of our climate situation.

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Will Menaker just said Bernie's rally was "apparently in a neighborhood called 'Navy Pier' that is very gentrified." Wow they really do need Felix.

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