Covid What I love about this movie is how it frames the 1995 heat wave as not a natural disaster, how officials and media always portray it, but as a man-made disaster, because just like covid, the natural event exposed and exploited all the man-made problems in the city, and that is what caused most of the deaths. It was a mini-covid in so many ways, including using reefer trucks to store bodies.

With all the terrible reporting on the events this week, I wanted to share this article, which I think is the best I've seen so far in an actual publication:

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A local county board member ( is getting harassed after A-dy Ngo and T*d Cruz targeted her. Please send her any support you can

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Why why why are political reporters furloughed at the Tribune but John fuckin' Kass still has his shitty opinion column?!

(I know, I know: forget it, Sarah. It's the Chicago Tribune.)

CPD stole bikes from demonstrators at a Black Indigenous solidarity rally yesterday. If you can help these folks replace their stolen property, venmo ChicagoBikeFund.

I'm really enjoying the reactions of confusion and disgust when I tell people I'm just gonna be a White Sox fan this year, but like honestly fuck the Cubs and their shitty network, and also fuck the Ricketts and also look at Tim Anderson

It is OK, but while some of the stories end with the heroes capturing the villains, some of them go a step further and show the villain going to jail. I don't like how that is portrayed as a good thing. Does anyone have recommendations for more appropriate super hero books for toddlers? Do I have to go "off brand" from DC/Marvel for this? (2/2)

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ICE is trying to build a brownshirt army in I'm not sure what we can do to stop them, but at the very least, we can't allow the "trainees" to operate in our city.

The Murder of Eugene Williams 

This poem is about the murder of a Black boy, killed by white swimmers after drifting into the "white beach". This sparked the Red Summer of 1919. Eve Ewing has an excellent poem collection on this . It is so fitting that as I chose to pick up this book again at this time, this is the first poem I read. Not much has changed since 1919.

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abolitionism collective in Chicago 

"The #LetUsBreathe Collective is an alliance of artists and activists organizing through a creative lens to imagine a world without prisons and police. The Collective operates the Breathing Room space, a Black-led liberation headquarters for arts, organizing, and healing on Chicago's South Side."

(This is the kind of PSA I want to be hearing on radio stations - in this case, CHIRP Radio)

From Chicago GDC:
All active jail support sites are seeking water coolers, ice and sunscreen.


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How about a state of emergency for the fact that we have a fascist secret police force running amok in the city?

So this is a thing ... All of the CTA is shut down for the night.

Never thought I'd see the day when there is a protest in Naperville. Despite people fearmongering about "looters" or whatever, I think a lot of people are finally getting that we need to put a stop to police violence.

If you’ve already given to a Chicago bail fund and still have money left over, consider giving some to Assata’s Daughters. They are “an abolitionist organization led by Black women using a Black queer feminist lens and relationship-based tactics to organize bases of young Black people in divested-from areas of Chicago” and they’ve been doing great work for some time now.

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Oh. Good thing they are re-opening the fucking golf courses.

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