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Re- / I am a software engineer and have lived in the Chicago area my whole life. I have been on fediverse since 2017. This
is my personal account. , film, gaming, politics, music, . See for my tech account. See my pins and bio for more.

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My year-end music list:
Shout out to my album of the year: To See the Next Part of the Dream by Parannoul

Its only Antifa if they are from an autonomous zone, otherwise they are just sparkling antifascists.

which band is the lamest?

imma say train but i feel like there's lots of valid answers

They really killed a million people to avoid a recession and got a recession anyway

X Marx the Spot: A podcast that looks at the literary world of pirates and treasure maps through the lens of Marxist materialism

My dad and I had a chat yesterday and we were, in our typical way, reading the world for filth.

My dad then talked about how if the unions were as strong today as they were in his day, we’d be in a much much better position to crack these greedy, murderous, cruel bastards right in their noggin.

And I realised that not only does he have a very valid point, that’s the first time any elder of mine has said an In My Day statement and I’ve agreed with them.

Went to brick world Chicago today and saw the absolute masterpiece

I want to hear the local bands that you loved when you were involved in your local music scene.

If you're still involved, send me some bandcamp links. If you stopped going to local shows fifteen years ago, it's time to rip your CD-Rs.

Today I learned that one of the only non-recorded Grateful Dead shows ever was a benefit for the black panther party, organized after Jerry Garcia met Huey Newton on a 1970 NY to CA flight

Thinking about that time in DS9 when Quark tells Sisko, yeah we're greedy capitalists, but you humans only despise us because you see yourselves in us. You did slavery, genocide and interstellar war. Us Ferengi never did anything like that. So at least we're not as bad as humanity

I know people shit on The Good Place and the politics of both it and its creator but if you’ve seen the show, the people who run the real good place (Paul Scheer and his crew) are the perfect distillation of democrat brain I have ever seen in media

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interviewer: can you explain the big gap in your employment history?
me: can you explain the big gap between what your CEO gets paid and what your workers get paid?

btw here's an article about how a book by a computer nerd about his armchair beliefs about cities became the fundamental assumptions of sim city and from there many other games in the genre

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